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Brow Lift

As you age, your forehead and brow can descend before the rest of the face, making your eyes appear tired or heavy. Brow lifts raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position and helps to: 
    •    Minimise creases that develop across the forehead

    •    Improve frown lines and vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows 

    •    Reposition a low or sagging brow that is hooding the upper eyelid
Brow lifts can target problem areas such as expression lines, signs of ageing around the brow and sagging brows. A brow lift is also appropriate for treating certain inherited traits.

The Procedure
There are a variety of ways to elevate the brows and correct aging changes in the forehead area. During your initial consultation, we will closely examine your forehead and upper eyelid region, noting the muscle activity when you assume various facial expressions. The surgical technique recommended to you will depend on many factors, such as the position of your eyebrows, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin and the height of your hairline.
Patients may experience numbness and mild swelling, but any discomfort should be minimal and easily controlled by medication. Brow lifts may be performed simultaneously with other procedures, including the MACS Facelift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift), otherwise known as a mid-section face lift.

Image by Mitchell Luo

The Risks

Early sequelae of surgery include bleeding, bruising and swelling, numbness, facial nerve weakness, and raised hairline. Later sequelae include numbness, persistent facial nerve weakness, and recurrence of the dropped brow.


The Recovery
Recovery will take about 3 weeks.

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