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MACS Facelift

The MACS face lift – the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift - is an innovative face lift procedure with fewer incisions. Less invasive, the MACS face lift can help patients with early signs of ageing, recapture a natural, relaxed look. Many younger patients who want to stay ahead of the ageing process are also choosing to undergo this procedure.

The Procedure
This is a less invasive surgical procedure than the SMAS lift as there is less dissection of the skin. The surgical incisions are also shorter, being made behind and in front of your ears. Excess fat can then be removed and the fibrous tissue on both cheeks tightened using permanent stitches. The MACS lift only takes around three hours to complete and the possibility of scarring is also greatly reduced from a traditional face lift. 

The Risks

Early sequelae of surgery include bleeding, slow healing, bruising and swelling, and numbness around the ear, facial nerve weakness. Later complications include asymmetry of the ear lobe, asymmetry of the face, numbness, and persistent facial nerve weakness.


The Recovery
Recovery will take about 3 weeks.

Image by Julian Paolo Dayag
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