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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure which reshapes the nose and improves its overall appearance. As a focal feature, alterations to the nose can affect the overall look of your face and can improve facial symmetry.
From reducing the size of the nose, to narrowing or widening the width, there are various options within rhinoplasty. The surgeon can also improve the tip of the nose, or remove an unwanted bump, while crooked or curved noses can be straightened and made more symmetrical.

The Procedure
Rhinoplasty usually takes between one and two hours and the patient may be under general or local anaesthetic depending on individual requirements. Side effects are generally swelling and bruising around the eyes but they will subside. Reduction in the swelling of the nose takes more time and, in some cases, numbness may be present for a number of months after the procedure.

Image by Lucas MARULIER

The Risks

Early sequelae of surgery include bleeding, persistent swelling, blocked nose, and discomfort Later complications include asymmetry, persistent swelling for many months, and late changes in shape.


The Recovery

Recovery will take about 3 weeks, but complete healing may take many months.

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