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Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Lips may be injected with natural proteins or a semi-permanent dermal filler.

The benefit of a dermal filler over natural proteins is that the proteins are eventually absorbed by the body and repeat treatments are necessary to maintain results.

Enhancing your lips can often improve self-confidence and give greater symmetry to your face. Lip enhancements are suited to people who have thin lips, under defined shape, or whose lips are uneven. Lip enhancement can be also used to bring greater symmetry to someone’s smile, particularly if the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip.

The Procedure

There will be some swelling immediately after the procedure. Side effects are rare but some light bruising might well occur.
Lip enhancement results will last up to nine months if temporary fillers are used, or about four years if semi-permanent fillers are used.

The Risks

Early sequelae of fillers include uneven healing, swelling, and discomfort. Later sequelae include mild asymmetry and lumps.


The Recovery
Recovery will take about 2 weeks.

Image by Mitchell Luo
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