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Fat Injections

Fat injection, sometimes known as a fat transfer procedure, is the technique used to move fat from one area of the body to another.
As we get older, the underlying tissues that plump up our skin and keep us looking youthful begin to break down. This is the natural ageing process and leads to the appearance of features such as lines and wrinkles.
Your own body fat can be used to fill lips, nasolabial folds, provide definition to cheeks or to the jaw line or to fill any concave areas of the face. Fat injections are a procedure that can help improve these various signs of ageing.

    •    Fat injections can be used in various areas of the face:

    •    Filling in deep facial wrinkles and creases 

    •    Plumping up sunken areas and deep folds 

    •    Adding fullness to the lips and cheeks 

    •    Creating an overall better balance to one’s facial symmetry

The Procedure

Because fat injections use your own body fat, an allergic reaction is unlikely. As with any cosmetic procedure, there is always a small possibility of infection and other complications, although these are rare.

The results of fat injections can be long lasting. The amount of time between injections depends on the injection site and your body’s own ability to reabsorb the fat. It is necessary to over-correct the deformity to allow for some absorption by the body. Usually the fat that remains at four months will be the final result achieved.

Image by Magdalena Love

The Risks

Early sequelae of fillers include uneven healing, swelling, in the injected area, and bleeding from the wounds, bruising, fluid under the skin, and numbness in the harvest area. Later sequelae include mild asymmetry and lumps in the injected area, and loose skin, rippling, uneven healing, and persistent numbness in the harvested area.


The Recovery

Recovery will take about 3 weeks, but the final fat volume retained is noted at about 4 months.

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