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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery is also known as breast augmentation, breast implants or augmentation mammoplasty. Breast enlargement can increase the fullness of your breasts, as well as improve their balance and symmetry.

As one of the most requested surgeries within our practice, breast enlargement is a relatively straightforward procedure, with rapid recovery and almost immediate improvement confidence.

Some women undergo breast enlargement because:

  • They are self-conscious and feel their breasts are too small

  • After having children, breasts may become smaller and lose some of their firmness

  • Weight loss can change the size and shape of your breasts

  • Breast implants are also useful in the reconstruction of breasts after cancer surgery or congenital breast deformity

The change in breast size does not need to be dramatic. Most of our patients want to achieve a natural look and we have a range of choices regarding the size and shape of breast implants. The implant type, size and shape will be determined not just on your desired increase in size, but also on your breast anatomy, skin elasticity and body type.

The Procedure
Dr Tew will evaluate your health and discuss the surgical techniques most appropriate for you. This will be influenced by the size and shape of your breasts, skin tone and placement of your nipples. If you feel your breasts are sagging, Dr Tew may also recommend a breast lift to enhance your result.

Changing your breasts will not by itself change you. From experience, we have found that women, who are well informed and realistic about the surgery, are most pleased with the results.

Image by Fabrizio Conti

The Risks

Early sequelae of surgery include blood or fluid accumulating around the implant, and sensory changes in the nipple. Later complications include capsular contracture, implant rupture, rotation or extrusion of the implant, wrinkles in the implant, which can show through the skin, and rarely anaplastic large cell lymphoma.


The Recovery
Recovery will take about 3 weeks, and the use of a compression garment is required.

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